K-12 Virtual Worlds  is a division of WiloStar3D LLC, an immersive education company formed in 2000 by Janet Hale, WiloStar3D’s  founder and President.

As an immersive education company that specializes in developing K-12  virtual worlds and immersive curricula, our goal is to provide educators and schools with a wide range of services aimed at delivering rich and engaging virtual world experiences.  We’ve developed a systematic process and methodology centered around our successful educational pedagogy that allows students to create and learn inside virtual worlds. We also develop custom characters and avatar tools, immersive educational virtual worlds, and courses. Our latest product, Avatar Storytellers, is pioneering the use of avatars for student writing courses and standards based language arts lessons.

As Janet Hale, President explains, “We feel that there has been a real void in helping educators understand the true potential of virtual worlds for K-12 students.. We’ve created K-12 Virtual Worlds to give educators exciting virtual world options for their students. We teach educators how to implement our 3D virtual world curricula in both a classroom or  computer lab setting. We take the  fear of the unknown and turn it into an adventure!  We help educators shape and define their goals in regards to how to best implement virtual worlds in the classroom.”

K-12 Virtual World’s design studio is located in Bonita Springs Florida where enthusiasm, creativity, and  imagination  all converge into an explosion of fun! This  imaginative environment is the perfect place for our design team to engage in conversation, brainstorm new ideas and transform the creative process into successful, educational experiences for students.

We’re educators with a passion not only for the technology, but for championing the creative potential in all students through educational virtual world experiences. Give our president Janet Hale  a call at 877-711-8117  to learn more about how we can help make K-12 virtual worlds  a reality at your school or organization.